HopperStock – Meet Our Community Storage Marketplace!

HopperStock.com is a new solution to old storage space that many people want to put to use. We’re the guys the connect self-storage vendors with local customers! As a home-owner you can rent our your storage space for extra cash, all in your own neighborhood.

At HopperStock.com you can do all storage for rent at your own price too.

We are a Community Storage Marketplace that allows each of our vendors (your average business owner, home-owner, extra storage-haver!) to set their own price. Yes – you read that right! With us, you can set your “unit” space that is for rent – garage for rent, storage for rent in your basement, extra storage space – for ANY price you want to rent it for! And for however long you want. It’s all easy to set up. Literally just a few clicks and you can submit your listings to our database for customers looking for space! That. Easy.

How do people find your space for rent on HopperStock.com?

On HopperStock, you can search for space based on the amenities you need in your local area because you can easily search our listings by location. Simply search your area and start browsing!

When you find a space you like, you’re able to book in within seconds. The online booking experience gives ease to vendors and customers alike.

Come see more of our tips and advice for storage rentals with HopperStock if you’re thinking about the benefits of renting out! Our OFFICIAL BLOG is here!




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